Covid-19 Secure policy

Fortunately, Cheltenham has a very low rate of Covid-19, but of course we want to ensure we do everything to keep levels low.

Moving Around

The Workplace already has several systems in place which would reduce the chances of spread. For example:

  • Touch-free door unlocking
  • No one changes desks during the day
  • 24 hr access allowing people to work during the quieter evenings or weekends

We have made a number of changes to reduces transmission further, and we need all members and their guests to follow them so that everyone feels safe.

To reduce air transmission:

  • Disposable face masks will be available, if requested.
  • Only 1 person will be allowed in the kitchen at a time. The breakfast bar will not be used.
  • Passing places on the stairs will be marked.
    • The Planning Place door will be fixed open and the first part used as a passing place for anyone waiting to get downstairs.
  • Whenever possible the windows will be open.
  • HEPA air filters have been installed throughout the workplace. These filters can remove particles, the size of those that can carry COVID 19, from the air.

The Work Areas

  • The desks have been rearranged to allow 2m between seats.
  • Some desks have been taken out of use.
  • Some screens have also been fitted to reduce contact between people seated and those walking past.
  • Every evening, all surfaces and touch points are thoroughly disinfected.


We are looking forward to welcoming members back, please get in touch if you have any questions.


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